overcoming the speed of light is mathematically possible

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Mathematically – and, for now, only mathematically – can make the Special Theory of Relativity Einstein’s work beyond the speed of light.It is demonstrated that Barry Cox and James Hill of the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Although Einstein’s theory states that nothing can move faster than the speed of light, the two mathematicians developed new formulas that allow to break this universal speed limit.“We are mathematical, not physical, so we approached the problem from a theoretical perspective math,” said Dr. Cox “Our work does not attempt to explain how this can be done, just as the equations of motion must operate in such schemes. ‘

This means that if anyone imagine a way to travel faster than light, the intrepid traveler can now count on a reliable speedometer.What the two researchers point is that his theory does not contradict Einstein’s theory only gives a new facet.

Beyond Einstein

Despite the huge success explaining the theory of relativity, physicists usually get bothered to establish limitations for anything in the universe.Thus, there has been much speculation about overcoming the speed of light.The scientific world was shocked a few months ago, when an experiment seemed to indicate that neutrinos could have traveled faster than light , something that is actually due to defects in the experiment.

According to Dr. Cox, that’s what led them to think about how the equations should be some experimental result decide to deny Einstein’s theory.“At that time we started thinking about how to deal with the problem of perspective and mathematical physics,” he said.

Natural extension

The Special Theory of Relativity Einstein was published in 1905 and explains how movement and speed are always relative to the reference frame of the observer.The theory connects physical measurements of the same incident when the event is viewed from different points in a manner that depends on the relative velocity of the two observers.

The new formulas now deducted by two mathematicians Special Relativity extend to a situation where the relative velocity can be infinite.This allows them to be used to describe the motion at speeds faster than light, so-called superluminal speeds.

“Our approach is a natural and logical extension of the Special Theory of Relativity Einstein’s formulas and produced without the need for complicated physical or imaginary numbers,” he added.

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