Over 90% of the Android devices still using older versions of Operating System

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Jelly Bean The platform is only used by 6.7% of devices.

The operating system (OS) used in most mobile phones is more fragmented and outdated. According to data released by Google , the latest version of its OS, Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2), has not reached more than 6.7% of devices.

One of the resource notes that fragmentation is a problem for the ‘Android ecosystem. ” It specializes notes that it comes in the life of a computer with an operating system that does not begin to meet the requirements, the reason?, needs an update . This happens in almost all phones, either RIM or Apple, however, is more difficult to achieve in Android and confirm the figures .

50.8% of the equipment works with the Gingerbread OS , which dates back more than two years, while only 1.6% used by the system happened, Honeycomb and 27.5% work with the famous Ice Cream Sandwich . This according to the data collected by Google till December 3. A respectable 10.3% still works with version 2.2, Froyo .

It points out that Google should work with wireless providers that allow users to be notified of updates and if a team does not support one and not meet this requirement should be changed.

On the other hand Google explained that application developers do their product if an older version of the OS, your app will be compatible with more devices, while if he does only with newer, only useful in very few teams . This “for all Android APIs are forward compatible“according to Google’s blog post for developers.

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