Outlook incorporates new security measures

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Microsoft has increased the security of your Outlook e-mail service to combat the attacks of “phishing” , ie identity theft.

As announced in the Outlook Blog this security will be ensured through the standard dMarc and EV certificate. The changes so far are only for the transmission of e-mail but it will come soon to Skydrive and other services.

A few months ago Microsoft decided to liquidate Hotmail (although many users still retain their own) to make way for a revamped version of Outlook make it more similar to the imminent arrival of Windows 8.

This new service has new features and applications such as Microsoft cloud, Skydrive. These changes improved anti-spam measures and now the Redmond have decided to continue their crusade against “phishing.”

According to the support page for Windows, the “phishing” is a ” way to trick users into revealing personal or financial information through an e-mail or fraudulent website. Typically, a phishing scam starts with an email message that looks like an official notice from a trusted source, such as a bank, credit card company or a recognized online merchant. In the email message, recipients are directed to a fraudulent website where they are asked to provide personal information such as an account number or password. then this information is used for identity theft . “

Now supported dMarc , ie the domain-based message authentication, reporting and compliance, improves the reliability of the sender, through a combination of mechanisms SPF, SenderID and DKIM, and the automatic filtering of Outlook.

This standard analyzes the domain information to legitimate e-mail sender authentication. This makes it possible to identify if the email is trustworthy and reject spoofing attacks.

Some companies like Paypal, Facebook and Gmail and used to deflect attacks to the trash. Moreover, before the impersonation SSL certificate trust by fraudulent companies, Microsoft has implementedthe Extended Validation EV system. This system requires a minimum 2048-bit encryption that improves the previous system SSL certification. Users can check the reliability of the page when the address bar is dyed green. This will happen in most browsers. The new security measures are already available in the Outlook mail service, but soon also come to SkyDrive and other Microsoft services.

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