Outlook.com vs. Gmail

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In order to address the main features of each service, we expect the comparison to be able to help our readers to choose the service best suited to daily use that each one makes a webmail.



The interface is, according to Microsoft, a major differential Outlook.com. In the video to launch the service, the Redmond giant satirizes Gmail by displaying its interface, replacing the logo of the service by “old mail” (“old email” in Portuguese) and “scratching” the main elements on the screen service interface competitor.

By accessing the new service, the user is faced with a very simple interface, which is, by default, only the colors white, gray and blue. Minimalist, the home page retains the format set out the left side menu and content, where messages are listed and displayed, and show that the focus of service is the e-mail.

Unlike Gmail, where only one left menu is displayed in Outlook.com he has fixed all the time. In the Google service, the right menu displays the “widget of people,” where the service shows more information about the contact with whom you are exchanging messages and contextual advertising just below the widget. Now Outlook.com, the right menu displays information according to the action that the user is currently running.

New posts

When you start editing a new message, the user can Outlook.com feel lost initially. Fleeing the default, where the options recipient, subject and message are grouped and made available on one another, the Microsoft service removes the left menu, and instead carries the option of selecting contacts. Just below the “To” field, there is the view of the frequent contacts, which can facilitate the completion by the user.

In the right part, are all message information. At the top, you must add it and just below, enter the message content. Like everything follows a pattern of color and there is very definite limitations between fields, you can stay for a while, not knowing what to do and where to place each piece of information.

Dealing with attachments

The Outlook.com have the same limit on message size Gmail, which is 25 MB. But unlike the Google service, which does not have an integration “native” with Google Drive, when the user tries to send a message Outlook.com with one or more files that in total is greater than the limit set , the service offers the ability to automatically upload it to SkyDrive and insert in the message body, just a link to the user can download the shared file.

Moreover, during the upload process, the Outlook.com displays a thumbnail of the file being sent. Although it may seem an insignificant detail, makes the user experience more enjoyable.Below each of the files, the service displays a green strip with the progression of sending each.

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