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Hotmail is now Outlook.com: presents Microsoft’s free e-mail service in the fresh new look and Metro brings some strong features. To the ability to send attachments with a size of up to 300 MB.

File transfer

With Outlook.com simply sending huge file attachments: Where to other e-mail services like Gmail, GMX, or at most 25 MB Web.de conclusion sets Outlook.com just the beginning. The trick: Outlook.com stores files that are larger than 25 MB, on your Skydrive. Since you need for the use of Microsoft’s e-mail service, a Windows Live ID, you automatically have 7 GB of online storage to Skydrive – because as much storage space you get for free when registering. The recipient of your mail will receive a link via which it is the attached file can be downloaded from your Skydrive.

How it works

This works extremely simple: Type your email and attach the file you want – up to 300 MB of the file may be large. If your file is larger than 25 MB, you receive a message and the link “files with Skydrive” send. Once you click on the link to your file is uploaded, a status bar informs you of the progress. After uploading, you can send your mail as usual. The recipient receives the file, however, not directly: In the e-mail automatically included a link that points to your Skydrive.For a file in the subject line of your e-mail is created its own corresponding folder, all other files are not naturally accessible. The recipient clicks on the link and can download the file with another click. This exemplary ability to send large file attachments already premiered on Hotmail – only it has since, unfortunately, hardly anyone noticed. 

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