Outlook Beta comes with over 60 million users

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As if it were a child, we have witnessed the growth of new email service from Microsoft  in stages.The first day got a million of users in two weeks were ten , last November had accumulated 25 million users and is known to yesterday surpassed the figure of 60 million Outlook.com accounts .

At Microsoft, of course, are very happy for the success of the service, which was a drastic renovation level user interface compared to the ancient Hotmail and following turn style marked by the new user interface that introduces Windows 8 . A third of new users also come from Gmail, so they say, with the joy of Redmond is even greater.


To attract more users Microsoft is planning to launch a massive advertising campaign , with television and radio ads. Indeed, a campaign that well serves as a counterweight to that of Scroogled, where relentless attack to Gmail because of its privacy policies and advertising.

Finally, this summer is expected to update the Hotmail interface with the new style and features Outlook.com , including integration with other services in the home, such as cloud storage on SkyDrive.

In any case, users of Hotmail does not need to worry, because although improvements will Outlook.com all, the brand is not at risk of disappearing

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