OS X 10.8.2 to assign our phone in iMessage

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iMessage brought us to our Mac desktop to keep message conversations are not limited to the iPhone. His absence was that the version of OS X only operated with an Apple ID (or more), but not with a phone number . The beta of OS X Lion Mountain Apple has sent developers to remedy this hole.

With OS X 10.8.2 and we can assign our phone to the desktop version of iMessage .This corrects what is in my opinion one significant mistake Apple for not having implemented from the beginning , if not in the beta that came in February, at least in the first build of Mountain Lion in the Mac App Store. And is that so far, if we received a message sent using this platform to our phone (not the email assigned), it was impossible to see you in Mac

Though barely just released OS X 10.8.1 , the first update of the latest Mac operating system, developers are already installing the beta of the second, OS X 10.8.2 , which brings this feature unexpected but necessary to give a full use iMessage through any of our devices.

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