Original cartridges print up to 50 percent more than the refilled ones

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The  dilemma of using original ink cartridges or refilled continue to eternity. The initial savings involved is common practice often goes together with a number of associated problems such as ink leakage, scratches or poor color fidelity. HP has commissioned an independent study to defend the use of original cartridges and highlight the advantages to be gained regarding the original cartridges that are bought (or that came with the printer) and then are filled with ink. These include superior durability that came to be above 50% more impressions when comparing similar cartridges. 

Original Cartridges

Original Cartridges

Original or refill cartridges ? Not a question anyone as original ink cartridges come to reach a very high value on the market that sometimes can exceed the price of the printer itself (one full refill cartridges). Despite the cost savings practice refill cartridges, take into consideration the problems and disadvantages that can cause this practice. To put into perspective the pros and cons, HP commissioned a study in which the test was performed more 1,000 cartridges were recycled or have been filled with ink. The first conclusion is obvious that the original cartridges U.S. company with an 54% more impressions on average. Yes, the rates vary widely between using remanufactured cartridges (with a 20% increase ) and cartridges that have been refilled ink, in which the percentage increases to nearly 90%.

It is also symptomatic the number of cartridges that failed in the study. While none of the HP cartridges failed prematurely, up to 40% of presented manufactured refilled or errors before completion. A high percentage that shows the great problem of using these alternatives. Some of the most common faults that occurred during the study include the annoying stripes (horizontal stripes creates the impression that cut the words) an immediate loss of the intensity of the ink (which generates low quality prints) or drain ink, causing unsightly spots on the paper.

To create your ink cartridges, HP performs a complex process that reaches last five years of development for each line, and you need to test 1,000 different prototypes to find the right one.Thanks to this, you get very advanced results that support the company to defend the use of original cartridges. Course still priced far exceeding the alternatives as cartridges manufactured by third parties (original cartridges HP that are recycled by other companies) or filling the cartridge manually. But if we want a quality result may be worth investing more money to get good prints, especially if among these impressions found photographs should last over time or we will file documents or to share with others.

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