Organizes a Google+ Hangout on Mars

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Internet users can chat live with experts and learn about the latest advances of Curiosity.

One of the last photos of the Curiosity rover on Mars

One of the last photos of the Curiosity rover on Mars

Google, the popular search engine company, organized on Wednesday the 27th, at 18.00, one of the famous Hangout live on Google + , a video hangout where experts will explain the progress of NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars and other curiosities about the red planet.

This is the first video in Spanish hangout in the shares of theGoogle Science Fair 2013 and will include the participation of Miguel San Martin, head of the Jet Propulsion Laboratoty NASA’s chief engineer and system Guidance, Navigation and Control Project Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), the mission sent to Mars Curiosity. Also participate Hervias Ivan, one of the Spanish winners of Google Science Fair in 2012.

In the game, users can talk directly to the experts and learn more about the project that carried the largest vehicle that has traveled the surface of Mars. Interested parties may know what the experience of sending a robot to Mars vehicle and then guide you through its surface. In addition, will discuss the possibility that the Red Planet could harbor life there sometime in the past (or maybe now).

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