Orange mobiles commitment ‘white label’ and throws a hand terminal Huawei

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Orange has launched the new ‘smartphone’ Daytona, manufactured by the Chinese company Huawei, which is a step further in its commitment to the terminals white label business segment, which will reinforce.

Specifically, the device will be marketed from February 1 by Orange, has dual core processor of 1.2 GHz and a 4.5-inch screen.

The director of strategy terminals Orange, Juan Luis Velazquez, explained the steps that Orange will in the coming months with the emphasis on collaboration with other companies to make exclusive models.

Orange believes that it has obtained the greatest success with his white label terminals that competition because their market strategy, which is to not leave the device in a “background” against the flagships of the leading manufacturers.

“We acquired a great commitment to these terminals and we give them the same treatment as if we were the manufacturers,” said Velazquez. Also, the terminal strategy director remarked that the success is due in large part to the operator promotes “what they want to sell” campaigns for clients and new tariffs.

The new ‘Daytona’ will be promoted widely in the months since, as stated, Orange already has a “brand recognition” so the company will campaign “very massive”. Emphasis will be placed on communication and promotion of the new handsets carrying out a “diversification strategy”

Orange has worked with companies ZTE and Alcatel Foxcom, among others, to perform its previous white label models. Today, as declared Orange, are in conversation with new manufacturers, “but they are none of those mentioned above.”

Meanwhile, the relationship between Orange and Huawei terminal development white label dating back to 2007. This partnership was born when Orange saw through market research company users preferred the large screens for greater media sensation. The operator wanted to have their own line with these characteristics.


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