Oracle solves another fifty holes in Java

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Java is a platform that reached a high level of popularity by the possibilities when creating web applications for (among other features), but the endless security problems generated by this platform has prompted is losing a lot of presence. The latest news coming out of this programming language is the output of a new patch for Oracle (the company responsible for language) that fixes up fifty vulnerabilities . We tell you all the details about this security update.


Java is in the spotlight for several months, by persistent holes that have been discovered. The situation in recent weeks has become very difficult, after the discovery of a serious vulnerability that was being exploited by cyber criminals and the recommendation of the U.S. authorities to disable this language programming, even after Oracle launched a patch on last month to address that hole. The reason for this recommendation was to keep the weak security of this platform , which presaged new vulnerabilities in the future.

A correct assumption, following the events. During these weeks have been discovered several dangerous holes in this language, and the company owns Java has decided to bring forward the release of a patch which was originally scheduled for the second half of February, to discover that one of the newly discovered vulnerabilities already being exploited successfully by cyber criminals. This update fixes fifty holes security. Among them, forty-four only affect Java applications executed in the browser , the more vulnerable environment for this language ( Oracle wanted to highlight that running Java on servers is safer).

In fact, Mozilla was thinking of introducing a mandatory feature whereby users must give permission to carry out the execution of any content Java in Firefox , motivated by the danger of this language. Other companies have already decided to move forward in the Java blocking has been Apple , which disabled the programming language on their computers Mac . The apple company and was attacked through a vulnerability in Java that came to build a bot net of more than half a million computers (the hook was a fake Flash media player ).

So, the future of Java seems increasingly darker as Oracle is failing to improve the safety of this language enough to provide a reliable platform for users. Moreover, in recent times some big choices (especially HTML5 ) that are gaining popularity are remarkable and safer. Customers using Java should receive a message with the security update from Oracle . You can also upgrade manually through the official website of Oracle .

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