Oracle-Google trial: Does Google paid commentators?

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In the trial for patent infringement by Android, American justice insists on knowing the financial links between Google, Oracle and commentators, including bloggers. Objective: To identify the authors whose analysis of the trial may have been influenced.

The trial between Oracle and Google for patent infringement by Android has been much ink. The question arises whether all the commentators were objective and whether their arguments in favor of one or the other party does not arise from the payment of compensation from Google and Oracle.

This question, the justice pose . Judge William Alsup U.S. asked the two companies to disclose the list of bloggers and other commentators who received money from them and therefore likely to have been influenced in their analyzes.


Commentators influenced indirectly? 

Oracle has already revealed Florian Mueller have employed as a consultant.On his blog , the latter is also not private arguments criticizing Google. As for the Mountain View company, she responded to the request of the justice system by providing a whitelist every name.Clearly, she claims to have kept no financial ties with anyone in this patent case. But Google’s response satisfies no judge Alsup that the company has set a new deadline to provide the information requested, ie until Friday 24th August.

Judge seeks to know the identity of the authors paid specifically to comment on the trial, but also those who may have been influenced by rewards granted by the two companies. Justice states that can be eg consultants, contractors and employees paid by Google.  William Alsup cites the case of Florian Mueller, paid as a consultant for Oracle, but the contractual relationship with the editor have obviously influenced arguments on his blog.

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