Optimized graphics card HIS 7970 IceQ X ² Ghz Edition with design iPower

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In the model range of high-performance graphics cards from HIS appeared next novelty – HIS 7970 IceQ X ² Ghz Edition. As a graphics processor it uses an improved version of GPU AMD Tahiti XT, which was named AMD Tahiti XT2 and is characterized by supporting AMD PowerTune with Boost. Rated speed of his work is 1000 MHz, and the dynamic can reach 1050 MHz. Paired with it’s 3 GB of 384-bit GDDR5-RAM, the effective clock rate is at 6000 MHz.

For the stable operation at higher clock speeds and increased capacities optimisation model HIS 7970 IceQ X ² Ghz Edition offers support for proprietary iPower. It provides an increase in the number of phases in the stabilization of the supply voltage (6 +1 +1 against standard 5 +1 +1), and involves the use of two additional 8-pin PCIe power connectors instead of one 6-pin and one 8-pin, as in reference version.
Cooling system graphics accelerator HIS 7970 IceQ X ² Ghz Edition supports corporate-slot design IceQ X2, which involves the use of large copper base (40 x 47, 5 mm), five copper heat pipes (3 x 6-mm and 2 x 8-mm) aluminum radiator and two 89-mm fans with optimized blade design. Its efficiency is to reduce the operating temperature of the GPU at 17 ° C, and the noise level – 15 dB, compared with the reference solution.

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