Optimal factors for ‘Tears of St. Lawrence’

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If the past year some factors hurt the famous “Tears of St. Lawrence ‘, this time everything suggests that the meteor shower, which will reach its peak on Saturday night will be one of the best because the best weather conditions.

The Perseids, an astronomical event that brings together many interested in astronomy each year at this time, action will have its maximum at 12 noon on Sunday, so the night before is the best time for observation.
Many astronomy clubs these days are turning to conduct meetings for group meetings and observations.Such is the case of the Astronomical Society of Villatoya Alba-5 will organize two meetings at the Astronomical Observatory of the town on Saturday nights and Sunday, starting at 22, 30 hours.
But this popular phenomenon extends not only these organizations but goes much further. Among others, the Department of Culture of The Roda has organized an observation that will be led by Juan Ramón Pardo, an expert on the subject, starting at 1, 30 hours of the morning in the Park of Canada.
And, it’s best to do at the beginning of the night because “we have the waning moon in a way that does not appear on the horizon until late in the morning,” says Pardo.
And, although mostly you can see the next night because the maximum activity occurs on Saturday night, “the phenomenon begins on July 17 and ends on August 24,” he adds.
Astronomical Society Alba-5 is a veteran of the group organizing this observation is visited by people from Madrid and Valencia not to mention other parts of the province, reaching up to 150 people in some cases.
This year, admits Cameron Maranchón, president of the Association, is presented very well because “the moon is not going to bother as it did last year. This year the conditions are pretty good, “he says. Some factors that primarily have to do with a clear sky.In addition, Buck recommends Maranchón away from urban centers and be in any position without light pollution.
And for those who can not attend Villatoya, placed in a dark place and away about 10 or 12 kilometers from the cities.
However, they can come to the Observatory Villatoya may make other observations. People with different profiles that share an interest in this rain of stars.

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