Opportunity: computer with 10 MHz for $ 3,000 on Ebay

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That’s right, you did not read wrong. The machine in question is a TI-99/8 manufactured by Texas Instruments in the early 1980s. Counting on a 10 MHz processor, a keyboard extended BASIC II and 64 KB of memory (which could be extended up to 15 MB), the machine was fairly powerful for its class at the time.


The computer should have been released during CES 1983, but due to financial problems of the company at the time, all the personal computer division of Texas Instruments was closed, leading to the grave the TI-99/8.

In total, only 150 units were produced computer, which ensures the TI-99/8 a status of great rarity, and very much appreciated by collectors machines vintage.

Thanks to this, a model of the device was purchased on Ebay for $ 3,240 (about £ 6,444). Although considered a high price for this type of equipment even today, the item’s value will only increase with time.

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