Operators already preparing Nanosim cards for iPhone 5

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After months of rumors and uncertainty about the iPhone 5 finally Apple has moved tab , it seemed it would never come a day but it has been confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be presented on Wednesday, September 12 .

Yesterday, the company Apple began sending invitations to the press for the year’s most anticipated presentation related to mobile telephony. The avalanche of rumors generated by this terminal is unprecedented in particular has been talked about the iPhone 5 in June 2011 , almost a year and half said soon. All rumors and leaks come to an end within a week when Tim Cook takes the stage to unveil his new toy, the iPhone 5.

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One of the rumors about the expected terminal has to do with the type of SIM card that will integrate.Recall that the iPhone 4 debuted standard MicroSIM , which is much smaller than normal SIM. Since then, several manufacturers have adopted the new standard on their handsets as Nokia with Lumia Nokia,Sony with some of the range Xperia or Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy S3 . In their quest to miniaturize the most components, of Cupertino again change the SIM card with the iPhone 5 , giving way to the new standard Nanosim . This new card is 40% smaller than the MicroSIM, so that we have a really tiny SIM.

As discussed in the blog 9to5mac , some operators are already preparing for the adoption of the standardNanosim to be released with the iPhone 5. Deutsche Telekom , a German phone operator known, has already begun to receive the new SIM for the next generation smartphones, although the internal memo do not explicitly refer to the iPhone 5.

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The fact integrate a smaller SIM would be related to the tendency to reduce the size of components in order to create a much slimmer device . The new model of iPhone could have a profile of only 7.6 millimeters and become the iPhone thinner standing far below 1.7 millimeters iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. might seem like a small difference but it is quite remarkable when it comes to thickness, the new model will be much more streamlined than its predecessors.

The SIM is not the only component that has been reduced for greater thinness, Apple would also have worked in other parts such as the screen or dock connector. Rumor panel iPhone 5 is manufactured within-cell Touch This reduces system to integrate the layers touch controls on the TFT layer and thus have a thickness gets lower as compared with other types of screens. The pin dock, where we connect the cableUSB to charge the battery or synchronize data, would also significantly reduced from 30 pins to just nine pins. This is the first time that Apple modify this component and thus the cable will also vary . We recall that, although the company has confirmed the date of filing, no one can say for sure that these will be the details of the iPhone 5. Within a week we will leave doubts.

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