Opera 12.12 introduces a delete function for plug-in user data

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Opera has released a second update for version 12.10 of its desktop browser, which among other fixes a problem with the deletion of private data. In addition, the update improves the security and stability 12.12.


Previously, it could happen due to an error that deleting private data even accidentally expansion and setting data has been cleared. This problem should no longer occur. The associated dialog window, the developers have redesigned and optimized for smaller screens so. They have also installed an additional option to delete the settings and data of all browser extensions, which is disabled by default.

Opera 12.12 also fixes a problem with the browser restart. If the program is closed in full screen mode, the surface should be the next time will be indicated correctly.

In addition, Opera called the release notes three closed vulnerabilities. Classifies it as a ” critical“because they manipulated using GIF images may allow execution of arbitrary code. Of the second assumes only a “low” risk. It allows address field spoofing .

The third vulnerability only affects Unix systems: Incorrectly set permissions are personal information such as the cache or passwords for other users of the computer cost. Under certain circumstances, they can even be manipulated, which is why Opera emanating from the gap risk classifies as “high.” A list of changes from the previous version can be found in the changelog .

Key new features in Opera 12.10 include support for high-resolution screens, the network protocols SPDY and WebSocket and new APIs like the full-screen interface of HTML 5 Also, let OSX Functions like the Notification Center. In Windows 7 and 8 quick scrolling and zooming via touch gestures is possible.

Opera 12.12 is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD to download ready.

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