Only 20% of Android users use security applications

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One in five users of Android devices use security applications, despite the increasing number of malware-oriented operating system. That’s what the report showed Roundup Security Report Trend Micro for the third quarter of 2012 – the company estimates that the number has increased 6 times during those three months of analysis.

The number of Android malware has increased from 30,000 in June of this year to 175,000 in September – being “aggressive adware,” those most responsible for attacks on user privacy.

The Trend Micro CTO, Raimund Genes, said such “aggressive adware” are able to collect more personal information that users allowed. “Application developers are perhaps aware of the problem, thanks to the existence of arbitrary ad networks,” he said.

As the high growth of mobile malware, Gene says it is not a surprise, especially considering that Android is the dominant smartphone platform.

“The underworld digital read statistics and analyst reports too, and they figured out how to make money with mobile malware,” he said. “And, unlike your computer, collect information from smartphones to cracker also reveals their location, telephone numbers you dialed, and more – everything that can be sold.”

However, despite the threats of crecimento, Genes said that only 20% of Android users use a security application on their devices. “Users need to understand which applications seek permission before adopting and eventually share sensitive information,” he said.

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