One without HTC Sense “Google Edition” rumors reignite

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Since the public of recent Google I / O applauded wildly when he appeared on the scene the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition , there have been rumors that other manufacturers are realizing that there is a juicy niche quite consistent for users those who are not interested in extra layers and just want pure Android. We are sure that more than one company is at present considering that possibility for their models, but the one that is closest is HTC.

It is not new, of course, as we have seen constant hints that point to a HTC Sense interface One without the company almost from the first minute after the announcement of the Samsung model. Even some of those tracks came from HTC’s own people, with tweets that encouraged us to “wait” to a future announcement.

HTC Sense

HTC Sense

Now, the same person who leaked the rumor of the Galaxy S4 Google Edition a day before his announcement, said that a HTC One Google Edition is nothing short of an event . Apparently it’s a project that came considering for a while, but the positive reaction to the model of competition has made ​​them speed up the process. In principle be similar to the release of S4 in the sense that they appear first in the United States, and would be sold by itself Google.The official announcement would take place in two weeks, with a release planned for the summer . This model would help strengthen sales that are already pretty good .

The HTC One Google Edition does not come short of problems , since practically the company is accepting that Sense interface is not for everyone. In addition, there are technologies like Beats Audio and Image Sense that have been sold as crucial for the quality of sound and image respectively, so it is to see how justify a stock version of Android obtains an equal quality (if you get). In any case, we can only wait to see how it works out once this saga.

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