One versus HTC iPhone 5 resists What better a drop test?

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You have to be very valuable for testing Android Authority already done that have not been settled for making a test of a terminal decline, have armed themselves with individual HTC One and iPhone 5 to see which one comes off better your game with the hard ground .

From Android Autorithy are famous for their extreme tests to terminals but this time have gone a step further and dare to make a comparison while destroy two of the most desired terminal market, the iPhone 5 and HTC One.

Unibody aluminum and glass display similar characteristics.
Both feature a unibody aluminum body and a screen made ​​of glass, that is, a prior have the same weapons to withstand the blow with the ground. In the video that we put then not recommended for sensitive to the savagery “technology”, tested both terminals falling from the more usual three heights for a terminal: pocket, half maximum (typical query position while the screen) and from the head during a call.

HTC One vs iPhone 5

HTC One vs iPhone 5

First contact disastrous for iPhone 5 screen
after the first stroke, the iPhone 5 has already significantly damaged your screen while maintaining its integrity intact. The HTC One, on the other hand, although in the first stake not affected the touch panel to separate empizan sees some of the portions of its housing.

Second shot of little impact for both
In the second fall, both the Apple terminal Taiwanese manufacturers like fall with one of its corners. Again, the iPhone 5 resists the blow without breaking, despite receiving a major blow to its aluminum casing. In the same way, the HTC One also hit with one side only thing that is affected is a good dent in its aluminum casing.

The final blow with a drop extra for HTC One
The third, highest and final test is also making much of a dent in the terminals. The iPhone 5 will increase the damage of the screen while the HTC One still intact. Yes, it is true that the three falls of the Apple phone strikes twice with the screen on the floor while the HTC One, perhaps by design, always falls to the edge. Android is why Autorithy performs a final test Taiwanese terminal and drops down the display, and obviously shattering.

iphone 5 htc one

The two just as good … or bad depending how you look
Both terminals continue to operate after all strokes and finished with a level similar damage so this time we can say that the test was in stalemate. It seems that the iPhone 5 has a tendency to fall with the screen down , perhaps by the weight of the assembly while the HTC One does not offer that trend. This makes it less likely to damage your screen even if its integrity is somewhat less consistent.


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