One of the men who killed Bin Laden belies the official version

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Matt Bissonnete, a Navy Seal who took part in ‘Operation Geronimo’, dismantles some of the key points given by the Pentagon.

U.S. Authorities are analyzing the contents of the book he has written one of the U.S. military who participated in the “Operation Geronimo”in which Osama Bin Laden was killed. The work entitled “No Easy Day”(No easy day) was presented several weeks ago and did not have the approval or the Pentagon or the White House

The play was written by Matt Bissonnete under the pseudonym of Mark Owen. The first reading of the book have given a scare into the Pentagon officials, as the former member of the Navy Seal group , the command that killed the founder of Al Qaeda, contradicts the version that both the White House and the Pentago transmitted.

The Defense Department already has a copy and ensure that they are studying, said Pentagon spokesman, George Little , who did not elaborate on possible legal consequences against the military, retired.And both former employees and staff in reserve should follow aprocedure to ensure that no published information that compromises national security.

Reconstruction of events

According Bissonnete, Bin Laden was shot in the head when he looked into the hall by the Navy Seal who accessed the home. The official said that the military shot Osama when he was inside his roomfor a weapon.

The military also confirmed that they entered the room the most wanted terrorist’s body lay on the ground and two women were crying around her. The military withdrew the mourners and saw that the man was still breathing, then pointed their guns at him and opened fire again , as related by El Nuevo Herald .

The book reopens a major controversies that arose after the death of Osama Bin Laden, if the military had orders to capture or kill the life of the founder of Al Qaeda. Bissonnete said they had orders to take him alive only in the case of surrender, but other voices suggest otherwise.

Sales Success

The book “No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden” (a difficult day: first-person account of the mission that killed Bin Laden) describes the entire attack from the helicopter crash that could have scuppered the operation, until the radio call in which they confirmed the death of Bin Laden, in what amounts to “an essential piece of modern history” , according to the editors of the book.

The high demand and the interest it has generated has led to the book publisher Penguin to bring forward the launch date scheduled for September 11, to 4 March. Also set the initial rollaround 400,000 copies.

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