One in five BlackBerry apps are Android 10

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A few days ago, Vice President of Global Alliances and Business Development BlackBerry, Martyn Mallick, said proudly that the BlackBerry store already had 100,000 applications. But Mallick has revealed that the figure is a trick.



 Approximately 20% of these apps for BlackBerry applications for Android 10 are operated under an emulation engine that allows them to run on the operating system of the Canadian firm. Yet Mallick is proud of the shortcut. “We give developers a good ramp to get to our platform,” said Mallick. “Our members deserve to have great content. If that’s the fastest way to get some of that content, is great, “he added. BlackBerry The enormous interest by increasing the number of apps for their devices Q10 and Z10 is the reason for these “shortcuts”. BlackBerry is urging developers to write applications designed for your new system operative BlackBerry 10, but is aware that not all developers are willing to bet on a native application. Anyway, Mallick wants companies to build native applications for BlackBerry 10 Naturally, but that would be a longer-term objective. For now, some developers whose initial plans were simply emulate their Android applications have begun to program native applications due to strong initial sales of BlackBerry devices 10 in other countries. Nevertheless, as acknowledged Mallick, other developers are limited to relocate Android applications, although adapted to exploit the advantages offered some specific features of BlackBerry 10 as the BlackBerry Hub. Mallick announced that Amazon has added BlackBerry-specific functions when imported the Android version of its Kindle app, while eBay is adding support for push notifications to the Android app brought to BB 10.

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