On February 25 will arrive on Sony Xperia Z

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Sony Xperia Z

The Japanese Sony is clear: this year and wants to be a reference to their new range aims to get high. So much so that the  Sony Xperia Z , its latest mobile introduced, will be released on the same day that officially starts the Mobile World Congress 2013 , ie next February 25 . This was confirmed by the company, opening a pre-booking process in order to users can be impatient with him from day one. Those wishing to access this information base, can register through this link .

Unfortunately, it is not officially confirmed the price to reach the  Sony Xperia Z on the market. There is already talk of the possibility that we see for 650 euros in free format , although it is more than possible that carriers are launched to offer deals that go through the grant or funding of the terminal face to customers who are not willing to put on the table that number once. Some might wonder if this device deserves size price. From here, we ventured to answer affirmatively.

As described on other occasions, the  Sony Xperia Z is postulated as one of the strongest candidates to soar as the smartphone of the year. Failing to see what they propose Apple, Samsung and HTC , this device has been able to balance power, functionality, quality and durability. It carries a five-inch FullHD display , an interesting thirteen megapixel camera and a solvent quad core processor at 1.5 GHz . The RAM is standard rises to two GB and exterior finish combines elegance sheets glass with which have topped the housing, which is finished so that bravely resists any dives and surface water or dust without its circuitry is affected.

Sony Xperia Z

The  Sony Xperia Z also will soon upgrade to the latest version and complete operating system from Google . As has been known, in March begin the process of updating the platform , so that would operate with Android 4.1.2 Android 4.2 native file . This data is not trivial: the South Korean Samsunghad been placed at the forefront of updates, only surpassed by the family Nexus , when it comes to catching up on versions of Android . Thus, Sony presented its candidacy to be the reference ecosystem native Google after signing terminals. Nevertheless, there have been rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy S3 would be able to do with Android 4.2 from the month of February, in which case they would remain in the normal position of exception. Given this, what would be undeniable if finally witnessing the scenario described is the fact that Sony put the batteries show with one of his unfinished: the program updates Android .

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