On April 26, the Xbox 720 will be announced

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Following the announcement of the Play Station 4 by Sony rumors have begun to emerge on what will be its main competition, the Xbox 720 that Microsoft will perform at a special event on April 26, and Sony is that when passing the PS4 launch by the appearance of the Wii U, has also finished the Redmond force to advance their plans.

But not only that, but also game developers themselves are insisting for some time that the various companies should accelerate the launch of the new generation of consoles.



So on April 26 we will see an announcement from Microsoft , while the June 11 presented to the console during E3, and expected course of the appearance of the console on the market for Christmas this same year.

On the hardware side, continue speculating that the company will use a quad-core CPU physical (16 logical), also incorporating some 8GB of RAM, and of course a Blu-Ray and the second generation of the Kinect. Finally we highlight the Microsoft agreement reached with EA , who will launch exclusively and early games or DLC on the Xbox 720.

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