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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was introduced in early September, but the most important event related to this product takes place right now. Tomorrow Wednesday September 25 puts for sale in Spain the third generation of the Note from 750 euros in the open market. There is also the option of taking a carry S View valued at 50 euros or to benefit from a discount of the same amount , if the purchase you add the Samsung Galaxy Gear , Smart Clock just introduced Samsung .

The fact is that, hours before this important deployment occurs, the Korean company Samsung has unveiled the details of the collection of accessories that accompany the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , even if they have purchased – not surprisingly – apart.

Samsung Galaxy Note March 02

The first accessory that has presented Samsung and which we saw at the time of its release are covers.The first, dubbed Flip Wallet , takes over the new design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , now capped skin, which serves as cover-book . Thus, you can open the front like a book, enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and close again to continue protecting the main panel of smartphone . It is very useful because it incorporates a small compartment to add a note on paper and because it does not add bulk to the device. Your phablet will remain as thin as it is bare, but in this case you can add a wide assortment of colors and fun . They are: white, beige, pink, yellow, orange, red, turquoise, violet, chocolate brown and black.

Samsung Galaxy Note March 03

The second case presented by Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is called S View and has a particularity. Unlike the first, this case includes a small window allowing it a portion of the device screenThus, always left exposed some fundamental data such as date, time, temperature and the number of messages and calls. This case is priced at 50 euros was made ​​available to the public in the following colors: turquoise, white, beige, pink, yellow, orange, maroon, navy, chocolate brown and black. Chances are that both the one and the other may be on sale soon through major distributors and also the Samsung Smart Shop , the Korean online shop in Spain.

Samsung Galaxy Note March 04

But there are more accessories. For now, Samsung has not provided accurate information about their features and benefits, but more likely is that the data sheet is available to the public in short, once the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is in stores. All accessories are used to extend or recharge the battery of the device. Are the Extra Battery Kit , an extra battery, the  S Charger Cover and S View Cover Wireless , two shells for loading the device witlessly and Charger Kit S , the basis for increasing the energy of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wireless . Finally, the Desktop dock promises to be another piece intended for charging. A basis for placing the device while working in the office or when we got home.

At this point still unknown prices of these accessories . It is quite possible that all the information on the deployment and availability in Spain of each of these pieces.

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