Office 2013 will support ODF 1.2 and Open XML Strict

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Microsoft Office 2013 will support both PDF and two new formats: Strict Open XML and ODF 1.2.

Microsoft announced via blog post that will support Office 2013 is currently developing two new formats and ensure that interoperability will be improved. Withpublication of the pre-release version of Office 2013, recently was already possible in the new Word 2013 have been integrated to open PDF documents, edit and save it back to PDF. Also new is coming full support for Open XML and ODF formats Strict 1.2.
In Office 2010 already provides support for opening and editing documents in Open XML Strict was included. In Office 2013 now added the possibility to store the documents in this format. A new addition to Office 2013, the total support for the new version of the Open Document Format ODF 1.2. This is an open XML-based standard for text, spreadsheets, presentations and other Office documents.
The following table shows which formats Office 2013 and support the recently released version of Office:
Format / Office release Office 2003 Office 2007 Office 2010 Office 2013
Binary format (doc, xls, ppt) Open, edit, save Open, edit, save Open, edit, save Open, edit, save
Tranistional Open XML Open, edit, save Open, edit, save Open, edit, save Open, edit, save
Strict Open XML Open, edit Open, edit, save
ODF 1.1 Open, edit, save Open, edit, save Open, edit
ODF 1.2 Open, edit, save
PDF Save Save Open, edit, save

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