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Office 2013 and Office 365 on a laptop and a desktop

As expected, Microsoft is tying Office 2013 and Office 365 to your online storage service, SkyDrive: if you buy a new version of the Microsoft suite and log in with your Windows Live account, you get 20 GB of free space for store your files online. You can use other services, but I suspect that integration will steal many users of services like Google Drive, Dropbox and SugarSync. 

Both Office 2013 and Office 365 offer basically the same user experience, but Microsoft is clearly trying to attract users to the cloud-based versionFor the first time the company will offer this solution to consumers, instead of just the companies.

Buy a traditional version of Office in a “box” and you have a license to install it on a PC. But the sign and you get 365 Office licenses to install Office 2013 on up to five devices (for now, just and tablet PCs running Windows 7 or 8, but the final version will also include the Office for Mac), and can do ” streaming “of applications to any PC or tablet running Windows 7 or 8.Microsoft has not announced pricing for any of the options.

A new interface

The interface of Office 2013 is not very different from Office 2010: Ribbon remains the central point, although the text and icons inside it are a bit larger and with wider spacing, to take better advantage of space on large monitors and facilitate interaction on touchscreens. Still, the Ribbon is not too big for the screen of a typical notebook, even with the addition of two new tabs: Design and Developer (Developer tab exists in Office 2010, but is disabled by default).

If you ever get used to the Ribbon in Office 2007 and 2010, will feel at home

The interface offers more benefits when used in a tablet, but does not miss a bit of efficiency when used with the mouse.

New features in Word

Microsoft has made a number of interesting and useful improvements in Office 2013. Now you can import a PDF file, edit it like a Word file and export the result as PDF or DOC. Imported files not only retains its original formatting – including headings, footnotes and columns – such as tables and graphs can be edited as such. Download a PDF containing a table, for example, and you can edit the table as if he had created “from scratch” in Word. It is also possible to embed a PDF file into a Word document.

You can edit PDF documents directly in Word

Microsoft hopes that people want to save your documents in the cloud, and for saving a file on SkyDrive your account is listed first. Another nice feature is the ability to connect to online resources and incorporate them into your documents. For example, without leaving Word you can use Bing to search the web for a video and embed the video in the document using the HTML embed code.

Turn on your SkyDrive account to your Flickr account and you can access your collection of images and embed them directly in the document, again without ever leaving Word. Embed a screenshot of an application is even easier: click Insert / Screenshot and a window with thumbnails of all open windows and applications will be shown. Click on the desired image and it will be inserted into the document at the current cursor position.

And when you embed an image or video in a document, you can drag them and see the text is automatically reposition around them in real time.

When saving a file, SkyDrive is the first suggestion

Collaboration features in Word

When you’re collaborating with another person in a document, be able to track changes made by his collaborator is crucial. This is much easier in Word 2013, thanks to a new feature called “View Markup”.

A vertical red line in the left margin of the document indicates that changes were made, and a text balloon in the right margin indicates the presence of comments. Click on the red line to show both the changes made during editing and comments, or the balloon to show only the comments

Microsoft has also added a new view called Reader. When a document is viewed in this way, a small triangle appears in front of each paragraph. After reading the paragraph, click on the triangle and the paragraph add, causing more text to appear after him. With this you can read without having to scroll down the page. 

Do not have time to explore each new feature in Word 2013, but liked what I saw so far. It seems that Microsoft has significantly improved the program, adding some great new features without sacrificing that existed during the process. Still, my opinion is based on a very limited period of time with the product.

Excel 2013

Like the new version of Word, Excel 2013 smells new yet very familiar. Microsoft has added several sophisticated tools for data analysis, including one called Fill Flash: When you take a Column data and places it in a second column, Flash Fill can predict what you want to do this with all values second column and offers to prenchê it accordingly.

Microsoft has provided a spreadsheet with two columns as a sample of how the feature works.The first column contained e-mail formatted as firstname.lastname @ domain. The second column was used to store the name of each user.

FlashFill identifies patterns in data worksheet and offers to complete them

Although not the most realistic scenario we can imagine, it works. You set the reference in the second column by typing the name of the first user from the list of e-mails, and so you start typing the name of the second user provides Excel that you want to do the same for all lines of the first column, and offers to do this automatically. Press Enter and the second column is automatically populated with the names.

Colors and symbols help you analyze data more quickly, and Quick Analysis Tool uses these elements to identify and highlight trends and changes. Select the rows and columns you want to be analyzed, click the icon that appears on the inside right corner and choose conditional formatting that matches your needs. Instead of looking at columns and more columns of gray numbers, you will instantly see a spreadsheet formatted with colors, toolbars and icons.

Suggestions automatic conditional formatting help in data visualization

Graphs provide another easy way to visualize data, and now the Quick Analysis Tool automatically suggests the most appropriate type of graph – bar, pie, scatter, and others – according to your data.

 First impressions of Excel 2013 are as favorable as those in Word 2013. Microsoft seems to have included some solid features without imposing a difficult learning curve. 

Office 2013 and Office 365 into a tablet

Microsoft is betting heavily on the idea that tablets are the future of PCs Just as Windows 8, Office 15 was built “from scratch” to take advantage of the unique features of the tablets at the same time takes into account the limitations a touch screen content creation.

Microsoft has done a great job of making the tools and functions of the various Office applications available on a touchscreen interface without sacrificing features. For example, holding your finger on a misspelled word in Word brings up a list of possible fixes, and the same gesture in other parts of the interface calls a contextual menu, it usually accessed by clicking the right mouse button.

The initial screen of Word 2013 is perfectly suited to touchscreens


Overall, the experience features are good.  Microsoft clearly has invested much time and effort to ensure that the experience of using a tablet in your package lives up to name Microsoft Office.

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