Office 2013: development is complete – RTM status achieved

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Microsoft has announced the completion of Office 2013 officially. The new Office 2013 has thus reached the RTM status.The publication will be in a few months.

That at Microsoft responsible for Office 2013 team has announced the completion of Office 2013 officially. Office 2013 has reached the RTM status (release to manufacturing) and is now ready for delivery, writes there Kirk Koenig & Bauer, who is responsible as corporate vice president of the Office Division for the new Office 2013th
An exact date for the release of Microsoft Office 2013 calls not yet available. According to current plans, the new office will appear in the first quarter of 2013. Anyone from 19 October 2012, a new Office 2010 purchases will be free to switch to Office 2013th For the launch of Windows 8 on 26 October, the first Windows-RT units will be presented, where a preliminary version of the new Office for Windows RT will be pre-installed.

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