Office 2013 can only be installed on a PC

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The arrival of the new Office gives us a measure that has already begun to raise blisters between users, Microsoft’s decision to permanently link the license to a single PC, which means that if you buy a new pc we use Office 2013 on it, only the first in which we recorded our copy.


This limitation exceeds that seen in Office 2010, which could only reassign the license to another device once every ninety days, and can be seen as a real headache for those who do not read the entire license agreement, that is, most users, or they do not know of this measure by other means, and decide to install Office 2013 in a relatively old PC since, in this case, “dead” PC , “dead” our license Office 2013.

The move has been  confirmed by  Microsoft  and although it is unclear how the mechanisms used for enforcement and compliance, that is, to be effective, there is no doubt that Redmond will keep using your  product activation technology .

In short we can re-install Office 2013 on the same PC that is connected if, for example, we had to format it (missing more), but not on another PC. It seems obvious that this is due to Microsoft policy an attempt to force users to jump to Office 365 Home Premium, alternative that is priced at $ 10 per month or 100 per year.

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