Office 2013, between the keyboard and touch screen

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Microsoft unveiled the 2013 version of office suite, used by over 1000 million users. Metro-Use Windows Interface 8 -, integrates online storage and adapts to the popular tablets.

With a domain based on the presence in the world of laptops and desktops,Microsoft Office was upgraded to future changes facing the company in settings such as the iPhone and similar mobile devices. In version 2013, programs such as Word , Excel andPowerPoint adapted their appearance to Metro , the interface designed for Windows 8. The office suite, main financial engine of the company with revenue of 5.81 billion dollars in the last quarter, faces his most drastic and ambitious in its history, according to Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

Despite the common expressions used in these ads, the fact that brand new edition of Office will travel the same road taken by the upcoming Windows 8: be the bridge between the PC and devices with touch screens .

In this context, Office 2013 is fully integrated to Windows 8, available for both the PC world to that of the tablets. In this segment, the company will offer an integrated productivity suite on both Windows 8 devices with RT, the adapted version for ARM microprocessors, as in the Surface, the brand new tablet that Microsoft plans to launch its own brand.

Metro interface, with features tile dynamic company started using Windows Phone 7, is also present in the new office suite. But just like in Windows 8, this interface optimized for use with the fingertips lives with a traditional renovated own view of the previous version of Office .

A demo of Office 2013 can be downloaded from / office / preview / en / whats-new and early tests on a tablet with Windows 8 experience faces the same challenge facing the industry in the income text in settings with touch screens.

Type a short text is not major problems, but editing a long document or a complex spreadsheet means more accuracy with your fingers or, alternatively, use a stylus to trace the icons inherited from the traditional interface .

This commitment touchscreens caused Microsoft to overlook users of Windows XP and Vista, will not have the ability to use the 2013 version of Office .

In turn, Microsoft faces the challenge proposed by the Service Docs Google, a deal with online office applications are looking to gain ground both among home users as corporates. At this point, Office has the ability to store documents on SkyDrive ( Also characterizes the renovated office suite the presence of resonant recent purchases of the company, such as Skype, the Internet calling service purchased 8.5 billion dollars, or Yammer, the social network of professional contacts that Microsoft paid 1200 million.

In line with its approach to the tactile world, presentations of Office 2013 are adapted to be presented in up to 82-inch monitors that support this technology, thanks to the performance of Perceptive Pixel, one of the firms that Microsoft confirmed its acquisition in recent weeks.

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