Observed wake of a black hole

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This celestial phenomenon is in a distant galaxy and was reactivated after devouring a nearby star. The result is a signal detected X-ray directed at Earth


The NASA Swift satellite reported that last year discovered a black hole at rest , in a distant galaxy. This celestial phenomenon was reactivated after crushing and eating a star passing nearby. Now the scientists found a distinctive X-ray that comes from matter that is about to be devoured.

This signal , which leads to our planet is known as quasi-periodic oscillation (OCP), which is a feature that shows the accretion disks surrounding very compact objects in the universe. Such is the case of white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes.

So far these signals were detected only in supermassive black holes, which contain millions of solar masses and is located in the center of a galaxy.

The galaxy, where the black hole swallowed a star, is 3 thousand 800 million light years and lies within the constellation Draco. When the black hole swallowed his victim shot a beam of energy that was observed on Earth for quite some time, the radiation beam traveled 3.9 million years to reach Earth.

“This discovery extends our understanding of the inner edge of a black hole located billions of light years away, which is really amazing. This gives us the opportunity to explore the nature of black holes and test relativity Einstein, in a time when the universe was very different from what it is today, “said Rubens Reis, a researcher at the University of Michigan .

The Awakening of a black hole has never been seen, that was a surprise when the researchers Swift satellite data, which discovered the X-ray source known as Swift J1664 57, and observed as a black hole devouring a star close.

When the star reached its nearest black hole, it was quickly crushed. Part of her was to give the gas inside the black hole and the rest formed a disk around it.

The inner disk is heated while a stream of emitted X-rays which was released directly toward Earth.

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