Nvidia has released the fastest mobile processor

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Nvidia has announced a next-generation processor for smartphones and tablets – Tegra 4.The announcement was made on the eve of the International Consumer Electronics Show Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 January.

Tegra 4, codenamed Wayne has 72 core Nvidia GeForce.This is a 6-fold increase compared to the previous generation Tegra 3, released in autumn 2012, respectively, the new chip to 6 times the speed of Tegra 3 for visual computing, the company said.Moreover, Tegra 4 is the world’s fastest mobile processor of the presented today, says the developer.

At the core of the chip, manufactured on 28-nm process technology, the architecture ARM Cortex-A15, which has also received a number of improvements, including nearly three-fold increased speed web surfing.Optional chipset Nvidia Icera i500 allows you to provide your mobile device on the processor Tegra 4 processor supporting mobile fourth generation LTE.

Tegra 4 in expanded opportunities for photographers.As described in the press service of Nvidia, the chip is able to do HDR-photo (pictures with high dynamic range), which will provide them with a better quality.By applying three images with different exposure mode HDR, implemented in conventional cameras, clearer picture in a frame in the presence of light and dark areas.

Finally, in the Nvidia claim that Tegra 4 consumes 45% less energy compared to previous-generation chip, the standard operating scenarios.This is partly achieved through the Prism 3 technology, which reduces power consumption of the display illumination while maintaining high visual quality.

Saves battery power helps an additional fifth core – similar solution Tegra 3 processor, which also has five cores.At low load, such as when the user starts the application for social networks or mail checks, basic core idle, and tasks are passed on to the extra core with less power consumption.

According to the specs, Tegra 4 offers up to 14 hours of HD-video playback on the smartphone.Previous generations, according to official data provides up to 12 hours of work in this mode.

The press service of Nvidia did not specify when the market will be the first device with the new processor.


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