Nvidia announces a processor for smartphones of 192 cores, Tegra K1 at CES 2014

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Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer electronics fair  has already begun. Among the first companies that have jumped on one of the stages of the event to announce theirs find Nvidia whose leaders got the bell with the presentation of a new mobile processor, the Tegra K1.

It is neither more nor less than the expected fifth generation of its mobile processors Tegra family, which differs from the above not only leave the numbers in your name but because it has 192 cores CUDA (an acronym for Compute Unified Device Architecture or Architecture Unified Computing Devices in Spanish).

Moreover, and here comes the most interesting part, the K1 is the first Tegra mobile processor company riding the Kepler architecture (hence the K) which until now was available in Nvidia chips intended for notebooks and desktops only. That is, that this is the first mobile processor with computer hearts of so, according to the company, provides mobile devices with a yield similar to that of larger teams.

On the other hand reported that Nvidia will release two versions of the Tegra K1. One is based on the ARM Cortex A15 CPU and thus will be quad-core 32-bit. The other rides Denver CPU designed by the companythat is 64 bits and in turn is based on the ARMv8 architecture.

Regarding efficiency, say by incorporating the Tegra Kepler K1 is 1.5 times more efficient than other mobile GPU, resulting in improved performance and high energy efficiency (here you can take heart because Kepler is present in the ten most efficient supercomputers in the world).

At this point, the obvious question that all of you might be doing is what all this means in practical terms . Well in principle that the Tegra K1 porting to mobile devices allow the most demanding software, such as video game generation, without losing an ounce of quality.

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