Nvidia and AMD-ATI premiere new beta versions of their drivers

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Nvidia has released a new version of drivers for your GeForce graphics cards, specifically the 314.21 Beta. This new version of the patch includes the main novelty a number of performance improvements related to Tomb Raider, which together with the latest patch for the game released by Crystal Dynamics, in principle and would have largely solved the problems suffered by title release in users who equipasen a GeForce. 



That said, since Nvidia also promise to be soon launched a new update that will include performance enhancements for BioShock Infinite and the correction of a small error found in the GPU Boost. Those interested in downloading these drivers Nvidia GeForce 314.14Beta can do it from here (Windows 7/8/Vista 32 bits) and here (Windows 7/8/Vista 64 bits). In addition, AMD-ATI has done the same with the release of Catalyst 3.13 Beta drivers, with which promise significant performance improvements in titles like SimCity or Far Cry, as well as improvements in latency Absolution Tomb Raider and Hitman. 

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