Now Samsung goes for ‘smartphone’ with flexible display

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Samsung has announced its first smartphone flexible. In its relentless introduction of new products, this time he has had the curved screen mobile and flexible, which will go on sale next month in his country, South Korea.

Samsung Smartphone Flexible

Samsung Smartphone Flexible

“We plan to introduce a smartphone with curved screen in South Korea in October, “he said Wednesday DJ Lee, head of marketing, at the presentation of the new Note 3 in Seoul.

In January, the company introduced at CES in Las Vegas a prototype flexible phone as thin as paper. This time he has shown the device and whether they will have the same features.

Samsung as well as LG televisions sold and curved screens at prices of around 8,000 euros. Mobile wavy also be expensive because it can not be, as in the case of television, a rigid screen, but must be flexible to adapt to the different sites where they carry.

The Korean company is not the first to introduce a phone prototype flexible as it previously did Japan’s Sony, but it is the first to mass produce it and put it in stores. Both Sony and Philips three years ago that showed their progress with OLED screens and not only flexible but also shutters and large format, but never applied to the mobile.

Samsung, which last year overtook Apple as the first seller of smartphones in the world, has got the screen replaced by plastic vidirio in principle a cheaper material, which does not mean that the smartphone is on sale as well.

In principle this plastic flexible mobile have the advantage that end with the fracture of the screens, the main problem of the owners of asmartphone, because its replacement usually cost more than 100 euros.Also facilitate the mobile takes the form of bracelet and can be worn on the wrist with what would end with the hassle of out of a bag. Have to wait and marketing within few weeks to see the disadvantages of plastic mobile, but the weight will not be one of them.

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