Now receive emails from Google+ users on Gmail

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From now on, those who use Gmail can send emails to people within your Google+ circles, even if they have not shared your email address with the sender.

So that the system is not completely intrusive and allow unknown freely send messages, the email service Google offers its users the option to choose which circles you can receive messages as well as cancel any mail originating from the social network. The default setting chosen by Google, however, is to allow receiving messages from anyone. Even with this possibility, however, senders only discover the destination address it decides to respond to your messages.

With this, the email service will integrate your contacts from Google + to your contact list. When writing a new message, for example, the contacts are separated from those of its list of standard mail and those from the social network. According to Google, the novelty should be available worldwide soon. Thus, if you use Gmail, an email from Google explaining the change should contribute in your inbox in the coming days.

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