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September is coming and with it a flurry of presentations of new terminals. One to keep in mind is the HTC One Max , which continue to emerge through leaks details. This time some pictures of the inside of the team not only will we move to other fingerprint sensor , but its casing is plastic.

In recent weeks we have had a chance to meet many features of HTC One Max. Without going any further yesterday we echoed the Android version and graphical interface that will equip the phablet ( Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5.5 ).However, this time the topic at hand is, once again, the possibility that the new HTC team incorporates a fingerprint sensor.

HTC One Max

HTC One Max

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The rumor started after the leak of photographs in which you could see on the back cover of dark section. Soon was associated with a fingerprint sensor and security system .

And is that the photographs attached here pose no doubt because, although it appears the sensor itself showing the hole and the case design to accommodate the fingerprint sensor. This would be among the space between the camera and dual SIM card slot. Yes, it is Dual SIM model, so we could determine that the phablet shown in pictures would be destined for the Asian market.

Likewise, the photograph that shows quick access to system settings in the notification bar, it would be proof that the HTC One Max is ready for the fingerprint recognition technology. At least then we could interpret the icon shaped fingerprint.


Finally, note that the appearance of these snapshots are evidence not only of the existence of the fingerprint detector, but access within the team shows that HTC One Max could come with removable lid, but without direct access to the battery.It may be a unique feature for Dual SIM model, although it is still early to determine. Similarly the same picture would show that the signature would lead to plastic instead of aluminum. However, we reiterate that could be characteristic of the Chinese version, illustrated in the screenshots, and that the European model continues to offer the exquisite metal finish HTC One.

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