Nokia: We are dealing with multi-user limitations of Android nothing

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Nokia has reportedly objected, according to which a patent held by him Android smartphones should prevent multiple user accounts. The Finnish manufacturer announced that he had abandoned his former patent application. Even Google was never approached with a request to license him.

Nokia is referring to a speculation by TechCrunch. The Nexus 10 Tablet with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) is the first to support multiple accounts, while Google does not provide this function apparently continue for smartphones. The blog therefore wondered aloud if this could well be due to an applied by Nokia patent on multi-user smartphones.

TechCrunch had assumed that Nokia has got the patent actually what the group considered not to be the case. “We have actually filed the patent application cited in some reports, but some time later decided not to pursue”, said a spokesman for . They had no knowledge of the reasons Google to incorporate certain features or to omit. In any case, Google had previously not requested licenses for Android Nokia.

Google declined to comment on demand by a comment. The U.S. Patent Office confirms Nokia’s presentation: Nokia’s request in October 2009 laid to rest, after the company had not responded to the demand of the patent judges.

“With the support of multiple users, each person their own space,” says Google about the new feature in Android 4.2. “Everyone can have their own home screen background, widgets, apps, and games – and even create your own levels and leaderboards! And since Android supports multitasking, it’s easy to switch between users – you do not have to sign in and out. Available only on tablets. “ now speculated that multiple user accounts remain simple reason tablets reserved because smartphones are in contrast to these personal devices, which usually uses only a single user. Perhaps the necessary program code would thus wasting resources on smartphones without bringing real benefits.

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