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How could I not want Nokia also launched its own tablet? In case you still had doubts, the own Stephen Elop, CEO of the company, has been commissioned to remove leaving pretty clear that the company has tablets in his future plans.

“So far we have not announced tablets,” Elop said in an interview on Australian half , saying it is “clearly something we are following very closely.” This is a market that Nokia is “looking at a very careful now,” with a clear goal: “to try to learn and understand what would be the appropriate way to participate and at what time. “

As suggested in All Things Digital , the study of the market for tablets which is Nokia, citing in particular the Microsoft Surface, is based on trying to make a decision about whether the firm will continue its agreement with Redmond also in the If tablets or jump to another operating system.

Elop’s words do seem to point, yes, in principle, to go with Windows 8 tablet. “When you think of the Lumia 920, Windows Phone, have a tablet PC or Xbox or Windows is something that will give us the opportunity to have built quite an experience.” Thus, explained that mainly are looking at Microsoft , but said they still have not taken “no decision”.

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