Nokia Strategy 2013: better cameras, more attractive prices

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Nokia’s executive vice president Chris Weber, on the edge of the exhibition CES commented to journalists on the strategy for the smartphone sector 2013th According to him, the focus will continue to be on photography and photo features. He also said that Nokia will “push the price point.” The latter, however, means that Nokia both favorable – in developed markets – high-priced smartphones will begin offering high-end features.

nokia_logoIn photography that Weber both better hardware and software in a development of the prospect. Among the field of hardware are not only sensors, but also light sensitive lens systems. On the software side is working to improve the algorithms to obtain clear, bright images.

Again, of course, the name is Pure View, the Nokia in Model 808 has first used for a mobile phone camera. It was introduced in February 2012 at the Mobile World Congress. The camera of the Lumia 920 is Nokia with the label Pure View – according to Weber because of their advanced image stabilization. To the question on whether it is a Windows Phone-based Lumia smartphone will give a 41-megapixel sensor as the Nokia 808, differs from Weber.First, the Software associating the Lumia series stands in the foreground.

Weber refers to the quality of the recordings with the Lumia 920 in low light conditions that are possible even without such a huge sensor. Also the detection of the recording situation was of great importance in order to react with the appropriate settings. Lumia smartphones will continue to bring photo apps that are not standard on Windows Phone. Currently these include photo Beamer and a filter for panoramic shots.

With other models, Nokia plans to use during the year additional price points. However, Weber also says smartphones with high-end camera systems would continue to be portrayed as not cheap. Give excellent lenses and large memory, it is now not in vain once.

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