Nokia reveals the features of Windows Phone 7.8

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All sensed what kind of new features come with the update package for Windows Phone 7.8 . In fact, in recent weeks we have talked enough about the launch of this update to come soon to the Nokia Lumia major that occurred in 2012 . Finland has now released a survey for users in that peculiarly disclosed some of the features and contributions of this new version of the operating system Microsoft . The document speaks of the famous home screen, which like that of Windows Phone 8 , will be presented as an intuitive, customizable panel according to the tastes and needs of each user. The cubes, tiles or LiveTiles , world hallmark of Windows Phone will be more alive with the recent information received messages, the weather or the latest updates for your account to Facebook or Twitter . As if this were not enough, be resizable, so we shall make them bigger or smaller as it suits us. In the image below you an example of this important feature.

Windows Phone 7.8

But there is more. The survey also shows a feature that will allow users of these phones include a Bing image on the lock screen , along with 20 new themes in different color combinations. A treat for those who want to be continually changing the inner side of your smartphone . Within this list, which we provide at the bottom, also there is a new application called cinemagraph . This tool is used to create animated films or even to edit some details of the photographs. Also included is Bluetooth Share (for media files with DRM ), improved camera movements to eliminate, unwanted objects or people in the photo and that should not be. Application is updated Updated Contacts and Updated Contact Share . He adds, finally, an app called Ringtone Maker to create logically new ringtones.

Windows Phone 01

Nokia announced recently that Windows Phone 7.8 will be made available to customers during the month of January, but declined to specify a date. Everything suggests that the firm wanted to wait for the launch of Windows Phone 8 to begin the deployment of this edition. It will be available, of course, for all terminals presented during the year: Nokia Lumia 900 , Nokia Lumia 800 , Nokia Lumia 710 or Nokia Lumia 510, among others. The Nokia Lumia 620 which was released a few days come equipped as standard with the new version of this operating system.

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