Nokia PureMotion HD + screen with more market point density

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The new screens of Nokia, called  HD + PureMotion intend to break into the top list displays the time. In this paper we analyze some of its features, noting especially its high pixel density, above the iPhone 4 and the S3.It is a fact that the screens have taken a leading role in the mobile unsurpassed. Since Apple and Samsung opened the can of worms with its Retina Display and AMOLED screens back in 2010, are a decisive factor when buying a mobile. Against this backdrop Nokia could not but follow the same path and therefore the Lumia 920, its new commercial weapon, committed displays PureMotion HD +. A new system designed to be fast, bright and sensitive at the same time able to provide the best density of pixels in the industry.


One of the first points that Nokia has sought to PureMotion HD + is the speed of response. This display uses the IPS technology developed by Hitachi difference obtains a higher voltage when changes state resulting in a cleaner transition from frame to frame. The result is the reproduction of up to 60 frames or frames per second without any blur.


To open the display settings PureMotion HD + has a high brightness mode is activated when the ambient light sensor detects the presence of the sun. Recall that the incidence of the sunlight almost opaque outer leaves many of the screens on the market. Complementing already explained it has ClearBlack technology, already seen in previous models of the firm, which reduces reflections. Perhaps one of the most curious is that PureMotion HD + screens can be used with gloves or with a pen that we use in day to day. No doubt a step forward especially in places where the cold and gloves are common.


But go with the theme of the pixels, more specifically with the density, which is key in the current mobile screens. While Apple with its 960 x 640 pixels provides 326 ppi (points per inch), the Nokia Lumia 920 goes up to 332 with 1280 x 768 pixels. Samsung meanwhile has 306 ppi in S3 screen with 1280 x 720 points. Clearly more point density, it is clear that better color concentration and thus a better sample of what you see on the screen. In this section, Nokia, with its 326 ppi mathematically placed on top of the industry.

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