Nokia patents a completely Flexible Battery

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Large manufacturers often surprised us with patents that sometimes appear really curious products. The Finnish manufacturer Nokia has starred in a patent which has been a model of completely flexible battery . For now it is very unreasonable to think that this is a battery that can be used on a smart phone or a tablet, but it turns out to be a model of battery that goes inside rumors on flexible wrist device that could begin to see even this year.

Bracelet accessories are still the main focus of many mobile phone companies. As popular as the South Korean manufacturer Samsung already have smart watches in the market such as Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 . For now, all current devices are designed bracelet with traditional ways as you can find in a watch or a bracelet conventional. However, the idea of the flexible wrist accessory is more attractive both in terms of innovation as regards to convenience.

For now, what is clear is that large companies have started this year’s race patents devices fully flexible bracelet. Only a few days ago it was known that Samsung had patented a flexible model fitting bracelet that was made ​​by something as simple as a plastic strip that was placed around the wrist adapting to the shape and size of the user’s arm. This plastic strip also incorporated a screen that could display all the content on a smart standard clock (time, incoming calls, etc.).

Not forget that one of the major complaints of wrist devices this year 2014 will be the role of healthy lifestyles . An accessory that only mobile phone displays notifications may not be too appealing to most users. But instead, an accessory that is able to tell the user the number of calories you have burned throughout the day and the number of steps taken during the last 24 hours it can be more striking. At present, there are already bracelets in which these data can be integrated into an application that guides the user about which direction should wear their habits. One of many examples of this type of bracelets is the Huawei TalkBand B1 , developed by Chinese manufacturer Huawei . In this case, it is a simple bracelet valid for users of all ages who want to know whether their habits are not healthy living, in addition, the bracelet can also be used like a hands-free. Other manufacturers like Sony have also added to this technology by launching smart bracelets oriented athletes.

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