Nokia Patent Approved on a ‘tablet’ with case and keyboard

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The Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO, for its acronym in English) has granted the company Nokia’s patent would be the ‘tablet’ Finnish official . This patent was filed by the company in 2011 and consists of a ‘tablet’ with a holster with physical keyboard , which also allows you to place the device in various positions.

Nokia tablet

Nokia tablet

Nokia also wants to fight for a place in the market for ‘tablets’ . So far, the Finnish company has competed in the field of smartphones Microsoft’s hand to launch the Lumia range and its S40 operating system to create a range designed for emerging markets, the Asha range. By the time the strategy that Nokia conducted by Microsoft to be strong in the market ‘smartphone’has not been as positive as expected .

   Thus, as Microsoft has done with Surface, Nokia wants its own ‘tablet’ to try and soar. In October 2011 , the Finnish companyfiled with the USPTO for a patent on a ‘tablet’ own and this week has been granted to the Finnish.

   According to the report filed with the U.S. Patent Office, Nokia has patented a ‘tablet’, described in the patent simply as “apparatus” consists of two parts . First, the screen of the device itself and, secondly, a sleeve convertible keyboard, similar to ‘tablet’ Microsoft Surface.

   Furthermore, the case to position the screen in different positions to improve the viewing angles of the screen and adds a space to store a ‘stylus’. The patent does not specify neither the screen size of the device or operating system that Nokia will incorporate in it.

   By the time a patent is and is not known Finnish company plans regarding it . But it would be an important step for Nokia to try again to get noticed in the mobility sector, with its ranges of smartphones.

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