Nokia Lumia with Android, a project in the shadow of Microsoft

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Now that the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft is official details began to emerge of the Finnish side projects had in mind. According to Nokia revealed workers involved, the Nordic company conducted various tests optimization of mobile Nokia Lumia Android operating system. And that this would have been the alternative to multinational end of 2014, ending date the contract with the Redmond.



Nokia Lumia Phones with Android. That was the desire of many. In fact, the network has echoed many times that this pairing could have been the ultimate salvation of the manufacturer in the smartphone market. That idea faded after that in 2011 Nokia and Microsoft should do public the cooperation agreement between the two firms. From that moment the Finnish would be a key to the settlement of Windows Phone.

An alternative plan ready to be launched in late 2014

However, the path taken during the first year was not expected by Nokia, which saw the number of points of Marketplace applications an obstacle to the growth of the platform. As reported by the resources , in that time Nokia have tested your Nokia Lumia with Android in an effort to prepare an alternative on leaving the joint project with Microsoft. In fact, the partnership ended in late 2014, so the company and valued a change to Google’s system as replacement option.

The truth is that the project to bring Android to the Nokia it was a task too tedious. It is said that in addition to an alternative future, they could have used such as pressure tests, a sign that the Norse could have chosen Android once the contract with the software giant. And is that Microsoft would have been aware of the trials of Nokia, which seems to be forgotten after the September 3 was sealed a pact between the two companies: the purchase of the mobile division of Nokia and its patent 7,200 million euros. Still, the plan has been executed B, Microsoft might have lost a lot of strength in the sector since the Nokia Lumia have been the mainstay of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

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