Nokia Lumia returns to compare one with the iPhone

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Nokia has again used the Apple phone to praise one of their products, through an advertisement in which the camera compares the iPhone 5 with its Lumia 925 . The spot shows a better quality of pictures taken from the Nokia device in different spaces with light and flash as much without it.

Compare with Nokia Lumia 925 with iPhone5

Compare with Nokia Lumia 925 with iPhone5

Phone manufacturers are increasingly using powerful advertising and marketing strategy to enhance the features of their mobile devices and, incidentally, to criticize the characteristics of the competition. It was a very common strategy at Samsung they began to promote their Galaxy S.

For Nokia, the target of his latest advertising campaign has been detracting Apple terminals and put on the table one of the star features of the Lumia, and in his last spot has returned to do the same and in a very directly . The announcement is a constant comparison of Lumia 925 photo quality of the Finnish company and the iPhone 5 in Cupertino.

The message of ‘spot’ is that the camera of this handset from Nokia is better, there is light there, and both with and without flash . For this, the ad shows the photographs taken twice, once from the Lumia 925 and one from the iPhone 5.

In all, the quality of the Nokia smartphone camera is better , while images taken from Apple, they lack the same clarity and brightness. A comparative example of this spot are several flash pictures of iPhone 5 taken from people who leave imperfections like red eye and white faces, while the Lumia 925 corrected this error.

This campaign is a clear challenge to the apple company , however, as mentioned above, this has not been the only one who has done Nokia. A little over a month,the Finnish threw another spot in the playing with the metaphor that Apple users were kind of zombies, it showed creatures with red eyes, pale and iPhones in hand.

The simile referred to the poor quality of pictures taken with flash from the iPhone 5 , I had all these “failures”. The spot ended with the slogan “the best pictures in any light. Even without flash. New Nokia Lumia 925”, referring to the superiority of the terminal against Apple.

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