Nokia Lumia 920, on sale in November at the same price as the Galaxy S3

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The Nokia World this year we reported the introduction of two new Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 . The more representative and powerful the Nokia Lumia 920 , expected to arrive in stores in mid- November . In addition, preliminary estimates indicate that its price is on par with that of theSamsung Galaxy S3 , which means that the Finnish model will be around 600 euros.

After his presentation, we had occasion to discuss in great detail the benefits and features of the new Nokia Lumia 920 .However, as usual, business strategy, the manufacturer did not provide information as important as the price of the device, release date and distribution plan.

In November, about 600 euros

With the help of some European operators reaches our ears that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be available in catalogs from November, particularly from mid-month. As for the retail price, insiders have launched the first stone to indicate that the model could acquire a price similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 . This data would advance us the Nokia Lumia 920 would be around 600 euros. Regarding the Nokia Lumia 820, the other model with Windows Phone 8 presented at Nokia World, not specified or price or release date.

Nokia Will time by selling the Nokia Lumia 920 in November? We assume that if the firm has a date as late proposal should be primarily a logistical problem, rather than any of its components or the production capacity of its plants. And is that from the point of view of competition, perhaps the most favorable situation would be that of a commercial release early. We say this because Samsung, one of its main rivals, will sell the Samsung ATIV S , its particular bet in the smartphone market with Windows Phone 8, in October. We must also take into account Apple will present its acclaimediPhone 5 on Wednesday and would be released only nine days later.

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