Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 to work with ski gloves

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The screens of the new Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone is all the rage. And thanks to the new super sensitive touch technology, the new Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 can be operated with any utensil . Moreover, in winter, wearing gloves on the hands is no problem: both smartphones respond to gestures.

Besides sensitive resist. And no utensil that resists the screens of new smartphones from Nokia. A few days ago it was found that the display model Nokia Lumia 920 was much more sensitive than the flagship Apple , the iPhone 5 . was conducted a test in which they tested both terminals with the fun game cut fruit Fruit Ninja . What used to play? Nothing more and nothing less than a knife. The result?While the Nokia Lumia 920 responded to all cuts, the iPhone 5 did not react to any of the movements.

Furthermore, since the Spanish subsidiary of Nokia has tried to demonstrate, once again, the capabilities of their new smartphones and their referents will this year. Thus far all tests were done from the flagship, but we must not forget that the Nokia 820 Lumia also have this feature.

And what better to test the display with a full gloves in cold weather? said than done. In a video posted by the company can be seen as the user, even taking gloves and thick-screen terminal Nordic responds perfectly. Otherwise occurs in the first terminal that appears in the video: an iPhone . So, go skiing and respond to mobile will be much easier: no to part with the gloves at any time.

But here is the thing. To demonstrate the sensitivity of the screen has no limits , it becomes to manage with different gadgets or objects: a wrench, scissors, keys, a pen or a fork . You can also see that in either case the panel has suffered any damage.

In addition, the Nokia Lumia 820 , like the Nokia Lumia 920 – equipped with a powerful dual-core processor getting a working frequency of 1.5 GHz course, change the look of this model is relatively easy:Nokia also makes different hues available to the user between the rear housings which are eye color, cyan, yellow, orange or green . And all of them have a twist: the terminal will equip thepossibility of wireless charging and using the extensive catalog of wireless chargers that has occurred recently.

Finally, the Nokia 920 Lumia appear in stores this month of January at a price -to-free format of 670 euros . While the protagonist of this occasion will also be available this month but at a more economical price: 500 euros .

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