Nokia Lumia 620, analysis and opinion

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Design and Display

The Nokia Lumia 620 can not deny what your vocation if you will check out. A relatively compact and convenient format for a newly launched smartphone and a good color palette is striking house brands at first. The shells also are interchangeable, so he throws a nod to younger users. As for the screen, has a panel of 3.8 inch ClearBlack LCD with WVGA resolution, ie 800 x 480 pixels . With this, you find that in practice follows the trail of the  Nokia Lumia 710.

The weight and size, could be defined as pretty standard. thickness is eleven millimeters, and hand noticed the 127 grams that makes this terminal in the balance. The deck area has attractive interchangeable a glossy finish, which can be obtained in six colors: black, white, green, cyan, magenta and orange.


This Nokia Lumia 620 plays offer virtually the same as its big brothers in the section on connections.Although his condition entry phone is linked to a small reduction in benefits in this regard. For example, as a good smartphone that is, the Nokia Lumia 620 is not left out the connection options Internetthrough two pathways: Wi-Fi and 3G . In the case of the former, also will have extended features such asWi-Fi Direct and Hotspot , with a view to sharing the second with another team, becoming, in practice, this Nokia Lumia 620 in a portable modem.

Furthermore, the  Nokia Lumia 620 has Bluetooth 3.0 and physical connector microUSB . It also lacks one of the latest most widespread: the proximity sensor NFC communication . This technology has been used by Nokia for several years, but it was not until the Nokia C7 when their presence is widespread. Thanks to this, the Nokia Lumia 620 can pair with other devices at the contact between them.

What would be left outside the  Nokia Lumia 620 would be the sensor networks fourth generation LTE , which, on the other hand, in Spain we are not useful, given that operators have not deployed a commercial offer for private clients . Finally, the  Nokia Lumia 620 also features the classic and necessary minijack connector 3.5 mm.

Multimedia and Camera

Another attraction of the  Nokia Lumia 620 is in its media profile. In this sense, in addition to play many types of audio file, video and image, as it is a Windows Phone from Nokia , this phone would have access to some of the extras for free music, as Nokia Music or Nokia Mix . Otherwise, the files will recognize this  Nokia Lumia 620 are  ASF, WAV, MP4, AAC, AMR, MP3, M4A, WMA, 3GP and 3G2.

As for the camera that is standard the Nokia Lumia 620 , is exposed openly status midrange mobile device. However, unlike other terminals of similar price, this phone is offering up to five megapixel maximum resolution for pictures, allowing also capture video with a maximum of 720p HD quality . Also features an LED flash and a secondary camera , the resolution is limited to VGA standards .


Processor, memory and system

The fact that this  Nokia Lumia 620 is designed as a mobile input device does not imply that this range is especially less powerful than their older siblings. Certainly not have a processor operating at 1.5 GHz like Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, although that focuses on the Snapdragon S4, a chip that is based on dual-core architecture . In this sense, the  Nokia Lumia 620 seems more powerful than the previous generation terminals, which work with the previous version of the operating system that presents this computer: Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 is the latest Microsoft platform for smart phones . It has a new user interface, with which you can configure the home screen with three types of icons or tiles, depending on the size you choose. It has support for memory cards and smoother operation. Furthermore, in the case of this terminal, carries very interesting and unique applications as cinemagraph , which allows us to personalize the pictures with an aspect that mimics motion picture. It also has a function-oriented best capture the group photo. The idea is that in a burst of five continuous shots are made so many photographs that are combined so that all members of the most handsome picture possible out in the final image. Of course, no lack of recent Vida Urbana , a system that guides us through the city using the augmented reality system, inviting us to visit places we’re looking for.

As for memory bearing this  Nokia Lumia 620 , we can distinguish between the RAM and the one for storage. Regarding the first, this new phone is 512 MB , which is not bad when you consider the type of team we are talking about. In addition, the  Nokia Lumia 620 installed eight GB of internal memory , which could extend up to 64 GB using microSD card corresponding.


A very positive point about this  Nokia Lumia 620 is precisely the time that the manufacturer promisesFinn for this  Nokia Lumia 620 in use and rest. To begin, we encounter a unit of 1,300 milliamps, that compared to what we see in other phones of the highest level might seem little. But that battery with the Nokia Lumia 620 is capable of holding nearly ten hours 3G talk, getting to 330 hours standby . Very important to note this fact, because autonomy is pending in almost every phone on the market, but it seems that Nokia wants to meet a commitment in this regard, since they ensure that Microsoft is working to make even more efficient your Windows Phone .


Pleasant surprise given us Nokia with this  Nokia Lumia 620 . We threw it into an equivalent failure to 610 before this new generation Windows Phone 8 , and have been able to meet. Although it is a relatively inexpensive mobile calling, has managed to bring together a range of benefits very solvent, and certainly is a terminal with which to compete against other decent midrange devices. The best arguments are there in their favor are the design, the presence of Windows Phone 8 and a leadframe very balanced and complete.

The multimedia options also shine, and its great autonomy. The move would have been almost round if they had equipped 16 GB of internal memory, although the possibility of expansion via microSD compensate for this.

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