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Terminal is the first Windows Phone from Nokiaspectacular touch phone for as they move their icons and screens, but has a most affordable price . Royalty costs 229 euros , which, it is easy to get subsidized by zero euros .Its excellent capabilities, speed work when combined with a knockdown price is what makes this Nokia Lumia 610 one of the most interesting mobile.

It is designed to meet the needs of a younger audience or to start making contact with the world of smartphones . Despite the price, Nokia has not neglected the technical specifications of your machine. The Nokia Lumia 610 has some interesting features like the camera 5 megapixelswith auto focus and LED flash or good internal storage capacity of 8 GB with that account, which is not very common in low-end terminals. In short, a very seductive and operating mobile at a price to fit any budget.

Its strengths:

  • The price of 229 euros.
  • Quick Operation with Windows Phone and internal capacity of 8 GB .
  • Chamber 5 Megapix

Design and Display

Something that had hitherto characterized the terminal Nokia Lumia is the change in design, following the line of the only mobile brand with MeeGo (first and last) Nokia N9 . With a more rectangular and slightly square , it seemed the Finnish brand would opt for a common line for their phones Lumia .However, the design of the Nokia Lumia 610 just presented has powerfully shapes that recall otherprevious Nokia phones with Symbian operating system. And this leaving the boxy terminal of Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 to re-look rounded edges, with a compact and simple, metallic finishes and three buttons on Windows Phone in the front (back, Windows and search key). A nod, especially the youth, is the presence of this phone in four different colors: black, cyan, magenta and white . The dimensions of the terminal will be  119.24 x 62.18 x 11.95 mm, so we will have a thicker device than we usually accustomed in recent releases, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. Your weight will be131.5 grams.

Being a low-end phone, the first changes have occurred in the panntalla, regarding family predecessorsLumia . Specifically, this is a multi-touch panel 3.7 “ with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (not theSamsung Galaxy S II HD LTE , but not a bad resolution) that will not include Clear Black technology from Nokia . The Finnish company has included this technology in previous Lumia, which improves the visibility in natural light environments as the street. course, it seems that Nokia has taken care of the mobile tactile response, a key point for smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 610


The new Nokia Lumia 610 can connect to networks 3G  WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 and GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, although the company has not disclosed the maximum speed you can achieve this end. Is expected to be revealed later this point. In addition to 3G, also features free WiFi (a key point in order to save the expense of data rate when we are at home or in a place with an enabled network),Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS , an addition that is not usually common in low-end phones and that is appreciated. In fact, Nokia mobile comes with two cool tools such as Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive. The second one is an integrated browser mode for Android that will allow us to reach any point on the map with the car. The two applications are completely free.

The connections are completed with a port microUSB 2.0 input and headphones 3.5 mm. As expected in a low-end phone, we will not have a port HDMI . Nor has technology including NFC on this phone, but its development is still in a start point and although many of the new phones have an absence she does not seem important, at least for now. Spanish operators are working on enabling technology that allows mobile payments via NFC (Near Field Communication) in Spain, but is not expected that the landing of such technology reaches within a couple of years.

Nokia Lumia 610

Camera and multimedia

Interestingly, one of the points that have played less and always usually the first to be cut when this is a more affordable phone is the camera. In the case of the Nokia Lumia 610, we have a rear camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels , which also has auto focus and LED flash , with which we can take photos of an acceptable quality. Of course, within this team did not find Carl Zeiss optics , a technology that has reputed manufacturer Nokia as the top performing cameras on the market. The camera is also able to make recordings, but with a quality VGA which is very short and will serve to immortalize the moments just remarkable.

As for video playback and audio inside the phone, the Nokia Lumia 610 has support for the most popular formats. So, we can play files like songs in MP3 or videos in MPEG . The list includes, besides the two mentioned formats, MP3, eAAC +, WMA, WAV, MP4, H.263, H.264, and WMV (the video format in Windows Media Player). The team has support for Adobe Flash Player 10.3 , which will result in better navigation. On the use of games and applications, the mobile will be somewhat restricted due to power cuts, but you can use without problems most programs present in the Windows Marketplace.

nokia lumia 610

Capacity and operating system

One of the weakest aspects of this terminal are definitely your processor and RAM. It has a processor of800 MHz and 256 MB RAM , which is enough to venture to run the operating system Windows Phone 7.5 , thanks to this system that Microsoft does not require very powerful phones to function smoothly.Windows Phone 7.5 is a system that does not enjoy much popularity, but the fact is that Microsoft has planted bases to gradually conquer the smartphone market. With a sleek, modern appearance through its brick-shaped menus and screen layout, is easy to use and quite useful for synchronization capability between different services such as contacts or social networks. In addition, the output of the updated Windows Phone 7.5 Mang or managed some crucial points, such as the absence (inexplicably) the option to copy and paste that has been used both in Windows desktop platform.

Probably, Microsoft’s alliance with Nokia will be the push I needed Windows Phone to start getting strong market, but must await developments (analysts speak of an impact on the market within three years, a distance great time for a changing market like mobiles). Another point that highlights and much of this mobile phone is the internal memory, which goes up to 8 GB (a really great capacity for low-end mobile). In case you still need more, the Nokia Lumia 610 to increase capacity up to another 32 GBmore through a card MicroSD .

Nokia Lumia 610

Autonomy and price

The Nokia Lumia 610 will have a battery of 1,300 milliamps , with which you can get a battery life of10.5 hours of GSM talk or 8.5 hours WCDMA talk time. Idle times up until 670 hours in GSM and 720 hours on WCDMA. This is very acceptable time allow mobile use normally without having to recharge the battery on a daily basis. Mobile is expected to reach the Spanish market as of the second quarter of this year at a competitive price: 190 euros free. Ultimately, this is a very affordable terminal that is designed especially for a young, resulting in a option to consider if you do not have many resources.

nokia lumia 610

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